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Who we are?

Two brothers. Two different education, experience and age … even the hair color is totally different. However, we are connected by the same PASSION – motorization. It started quite innocently. The first cars are Lada Samara and Fiat Punto. Friends so far remember the yellow covers, the central lock and the integrated mobile phone. In current years, the standard in almost every car. In the nineties – a prank … maybe, but WE LOVED IT! We want to share our passion with others!

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what we do?

In cooperation with many domestic companies, we give a second life to automotive diamonds. Cars that are the result of our work are now at your disposal.

We rent them for weddings, events, to music videos and movies – convertible, limousines and beautiful classics. Write to us check dates and book a car for your special occasion.

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from idea to company

The idea for the Stajnia Braci project was created in 2014. First Fiat 126p appeared. Renovation and modification of the Fiat took over half a year and consumed huge funds. Then Ford Mustang appeared. During the many and still endless modifications of Ford, the idea of Stajnia Braci was born. The final touch was Fiat 125p, which appeared in Stajnia in 2016. And it was in September 2016 that we legalized our passion and established Stajnia Braci Sp. z o.o. We have plans for further projects. Stay tuned!

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